Staff Management Systems

Finding good staff in an ongoing challenge for many rural enterprises.  While recruitment agencies may be a viable option for some, it is my belief that no one knows my business like I do, and no one will wear the consequences of a bad hire like I will.  This is why I prefer to be in charge of the process.

People are not your most important asset. The right people are.

Jim Collins

I don’t see the recruitment process as hiring a series of individuals.  I am building a team and therefore often target specific attributes that may not be obvious to a third party.  This is why The Recruitment Package is such a valuable tool.

It allows me to filter out the tyre-kickers and identify those who are serious about the job.  This gives me more time to focus on candidates with the greatest chance of success.  While I may not get it right every time, I can honestly say I haven’t had a no-show in years.

The Staff Management Package provides a range of tools for getting the most out of your employees.  It includes a framework for setting and managing expectations, streamlining training and strategies for dealing with staff who aren’t giving their best.

The Applicant Package is designed for job seekers who are struggling to connect with employers. It provides assistance with identifying strengths that will be of value to an employer and strategies on how to best showcase these in an application.

The Recruitment Package

The Recruitment Package efficiently filters unsuitable candidates, allowing more time to focus on applicants with the greatest chance of success.  Benefits of implementing this system include:

  • Targeted job ads that address the skills required for the position/s
  • A consistent evaluation process that provides a level playing field for all candidates
  • A customised spreadsheet that keeps track of candidates to ensure appropriate follow-up and identify repeat applications across years
  • A process for eliminating unsuitable candidates and tyre-kickers, greatly reducing the probability of no-shows
  • Targeted interview questions to assess not just skills but also attitude and overall suitability for the position
  • Key questions to ask when checking references
  • A customised Code of Conduct/Station Rules document designed to clearly communicate expectations before employment commencement.


Staff Management Package

The Staff Management Package is critical for setting staff up for success.  It is designed to clearly set out standards, expectations and responsibilities. 

It provides a structure for providing timely feedback, identifying staff strengths and weaknesses and managing poor performance.  The package includes:

  • Customised local induction template/s
  • Performance review templates
  • Standard Operating Procedures for routine tasks to assist with staff training
  • A staff training and assessment spreadsheet to track individual progress
  • Assistance with developing a system for managing staff out of a business when it just doesn’t work out

The Applicant Package

The Applicant Package is designed for job seekers who are struggling to connect with employers.  It includes:

  • An initial assessment to determine possible reasons for lack of success
  • A resume overhaul
  • Strategies on how to draft an effective cover letter

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